WARNING: Age Restriction


Tested: 3mg nicotine, This blend is littttt! It's a Malaysian company that made this amazing flavor which starts off with a cool mint flavor that freezes you throat and ends up with a really sweet mother of flavors mango. I really like how this blend takes you in this cold adventure but even though the mint flavor is really strong I really find it one of the best .
- John
It has been nearly a month since I tried the new version of the Horny Strawberry e-liquid. Well, the last time I tried this juice, it is still using the old plastic bottle and I am basically not in favour of its taste.
- Mike
How things have changed! The Horny Strawberry now comes in a glass bottle, and with a slightly different taste! Which I actually like!
- Amira
What I like about the new taste is, it's actually creamier now, less sweet, higher nic (a bit of throat hit) and more of that strawberry taste.
- Jackie
I am thinking of going to creamy juice from the current fruity. But I don't want it to be too creamy as it's still difficult for me to accept creamy juices. But Horny Strawberry changes that for me. Now this e-liquid is my day-to-day vape beside the Horny Mango. Two thumbs up and bravo, master brewer @hornyflava
- Alma